Friday, July 16, 2010

Force Fields

Force Fields
text by Andrew Joron
art by Brian Lucas

If you had any doubt about the ethereal materiality of text, or the wispy tangibility of images, this new collaboration by Andrew Joron and Brian Lucas will dissuade you. Composed on a loaned typewriter (yes, they still exist), Joron's twenty short poems are physically marked with the flaws and auras of that particular machine. Meanwhile, Lucas's charcoal images evoke, along with the "force fields" of the title, much of the patternings, vibrations, and stark contrasts of text itself. In this topsy turvey way, the book becomes an argument--from the midst of an increasingly digital age--for the very specific power of some rather ancient technologies.

Andrew Joron is most recently the author of Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems (City Lights, 2010). Brian Lucas is the author of Light House (Meeting Eyes Bindery, 2006).

Published July 2010 by Hooke Press

Some of Lucas's images can be seen here:

Video of Joron reading from Force Fields here.