Monday, February 08, 2010

Brian Lucas: Maps of Mirabilia

The Hive Gallery

301 Jefferson St.

Oakland, CA 94607

Exhibition: March 5th -26th, 2010

Reception: March 5th, 2010


March 6th-26th exhibition hours will be by appointment only*

The Hive Gallery will present new work by artist Brian Lucas.

Lucas's work consists of spontaneous compositions, improvised from their beginning and proceeding incrementally until the painting has manifested its own possibilities. Each painting corresponds to one another, forming a transportive circuit of micro- and macro-cosmic images that could also be said to be relief maps of the inner eye. The morphological shapes and minute accents are glimmers and reflections of a consciousness seeking to move beyond the purely phenomenal and into areas of more varied meaning.

The paintings are considered to be Maps of Mirabilia: symbolic depictions of the marvelous.

*Contact: 510-926-1664 or for information.

Image: Preverbal Oasis, acrylic on wood, 2010